Just a Coincidence? – by Jerry Slauter

DANNY WANTED TO SEND a book to Colleen before he died. Tragically, his desires were unmet. Discover how God intervened.Could this account be more than a coincidence? Allow me to explain. Danny was a well-liked man. He played guitar with a passion in church. He was also outgoing and warm and loved to talk about the Lord. He had a hug for everybody.

His friends were shocked when Danny announced that he and his wife were separated. Later, friends were equally surprised when Danny stated they were getting a divorce. Danny always spoke with love and respect when he mentioned Colleen. It was obvious he still cared for her very deeply.

A few years later Danny told us he had a form of cancer that was exacerbated by his diabetes. He was seeing various doctors and an herbalist. With his family torn apart, Danny decided to move to New Jersey to be near his mother and brother. His aunt had a room where he could stay.

Woodcutters RevivalWanting to give Danny something I had created, I sent him a copy of Woodcutter’s Revival. It contained some information and anecdotes we discussed in Bible studies and in prayer groups. A few months later, he came back to Indiana to visit. He thanked me for the book and told me he liked Sven best of all the characters. He also told me he didn’t like some of the politics mentioned in the book. Danny was nothing if not honest.

Tragically, later that same year, Danny died. When it came time for his memorial service in his home town, sadly the announcement was not made public. Old Bible study cronies/buddies/sisters and brothers missed out.

Just recently, I was looking in Amazon.com to see how my book sales were doing and if any recent reviews were posted. I decided to do something I had only done once previously. I checked the used books. There was a book listed in the New Jersey – Philadelphia Goodwill. The description stated, “Used, in good condition – A personal inscription inside the front cover.”

I was intrigued. I could only think of one other book I had given to someone in that area. Working with Champions for Today, I met William Green, former All American college football player. William had also been a running back from the Cleveland Browns and was living in New Jersey. William informed me that he lost his book on a plane and wanted another copy to read as he traveled. I thought, “This must be the book William lost.”

My curiosity got the best of me. I shelled-out the 85 cents and $3.99 postage and handling to determine who had owned the book. A few days later, when the book arrived in the mail, I was deeply moved to find my personal inscription to Danny, dated April 4, 2013. I contacted Colleen to ask if she or one of their children would be interested in obtaining the book.

She told me that Danny had mentioned he wanted to send her a book before he died. The illness moved so fast he was never able to send the mentioned book to her. She could not recall the title. Danny’s apartment had probably been cleaned-out in a hurry, with most things going to Goodwill.

A few days later, Colleen contacted me and said: “Hi Jerry! I got the book yesterday. And…you are the author! Thanks so much for sending it to me. It is an amazing story how it ended up getting into my hands. It IS the book Dan wanted me to read. I remember him talking about Gayle Schloesser endorsing the book. When I read her review of the book I immediately knew it was the book Dan said he was going to send to me. God must really want me to read it (Dan too!) so I look forward to reading it! I know there is something in there I need to hear. Thank you again for finding Dan’s copy and sending it to me!”

I responded, “I didn’t do it. I ordered it out of curiosity. God did it. Making me cry right now! God bless you! ”

I really did get tears in my eyes when I read Colleen’s response. Everybody who heard the story, and knew Danny, also had an emotional response. I asked her if she minded if I shared the story. She readily agreed.

Was this just a coincidence? I think not. A woman named Irene Hannon is credited with saying, “A coincidence is small miracle in which God chooses to remain anonymous.” That’s how I prefer to think about it.

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Jerry Slauter PictureAbout Jerry Slauter:

Jerry Slauter is a retired school teacher who loves to spend time with his family, including children and grandchildren. He published Woodcutter’s Revival in 2012 and released the sequel, Fine Line, in 2014. He likes to travel and speak about writing and the topics of his writing and research. He works in his wood, leather and metal shops at home. Writing aligns well with his passion of reading and research. Jerry is available to speak in schools and churches or conferences and seminars. You may contact him at jerryslauter@yahoo.com or (219)575-9571.

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Slauter, Jerry. "Just a Coincidence?" Faith Writers (www.faithwriters.com), July 25, 2014.

3 thoughts on “Just a Coincidence? – by Jerry Slauter

  1. Hi Sheryl,
    Jerry and I took a writing class together several years ago. We were the only students
    And met mostly in his home or mine.
    He had started the book Woodcutters Revival and read what he had written to us. I was so happy he finished the book! It was an amazing class. All of our lessons were God centered. April Milan was our teacher. We all attended Lambs together at that time. I loved his faith story too! God really intertwines our lives together and surprises us when we least expect it.

    1. Thanks for sharing, Alice,

      I’m sure those classes with Jerry were fun and inspirational. It is interesting how God brings people into our lives that resonate across the board with other friends. Like you said, “God really intertwines our lives together and surprises us when we least expect it.” I love that. Great choice of words. 🙂


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