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God Moves Pieces – by Peggy Devine

MY NAME IS PEGGY. I am a follower of Jesus Christ, a loving wife, a guardian mother and a smile to the broken.

I didn’t grow up “churched”. Our family had bigger problems than worrying about the world of Christianity and eternity. It was all about survival for my mom – a single mother with four children.

I met my husband Mark in the year 2000. I won’t deny that his good looks caught my fancy. I had been married twice prior to meeting him. In my previous marriages, I never thought about God. He never even got to play a role in any part of the relationships.

In fact, I never gave a thought to God working in and through my life until Mark came along.

shutterstock_15594337-man-with-bibleMark spoke often about God and the Bible scriptures. It amazed me the credit Mark gave God for EVERYTHING that happened in his life: the good, the bad, the happy, the sad, the people and places. I had a hard time understanding this concept.  I was taught that “I” was the person responsible for everything, and “I” was the one in charge.  I was taught not to depend on anyone or anything other than ME!

Mark, on the other hand, prayed about everything.

Mark told stories of needing rescued and giving everything to God. I wondered How could this be?

I was getting my second divorce at this time and began hanging around Mark. I asked him to move in to my house since my marriage had failed, and I had a house of my own. He wouldn’t. Mark said, “Our house won’t be blessed unless we are married.” I thought What tree has this man fallen off?

Mark asked me to marry him and I said, “No way! I just got out of that mess.” But he was persistent.

Mark was new to the area and wanted to look for a church. I knew the area, so I started helping him in his search. (I didn’t need a church. Mark did.) As we began our search, I started listening to the Word of God preached for the first time at the age of 42. After many different churches, we ended up at Lamb’s Chapel and felt at home with the people and preaching.

file0001003158064I wanted to know more about these Bible stories I had missed out on. So since I had a teaching degree, I agreed to teach Sunday school and learn right along with the children. There is no better way to learn than like a child (Matthew 18).

I learned about the ways of God and it changed my life. I look back now and know God had been putting people in my life over and over to try and get me to see the His ways: the Mennonite couple I babysat for; Muriel the old woman across the street that asked me to church over and over; the friend who bought me a Bible when I was sad; and Mark Devine. I think God finally figured the only way He was going to get my attention was to use one of His servants that was really good looking. He was right. I fell in love with Mark, who led me straight to God.

We were married at Lamb’s in 2003 by Pastor Jay, and we fall deeper in love with God and His people every day!!!

“God, pick up the pieces. Put me back together again. You are my praise!” (Jeremiah 17:14, MSG)

Peggy Devine:

I met Peggy and Mark Devine when I attended Lamb’s Chapel. Their love for each other and for God shone bright. I was quickly drawn to them. Their desire and passion is to bring God to the lost and broken; to be His hands and feet.

Peggy works for a service company where she drives a delivery truck. The customers on her route have come to love her soft spirit and beautiful smile. She strives to bring joy to their lives.

I want to thank Peggy for allowing me to share her faith story. May her story encourage others who are wondering what this God-thing is all about.

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Peggy's story first appeared in Lamb's Chapel Faith Stories, Vol. 1, 2013.